Friday, March 5, 2010

Leading Out

Two opportunities to further my personal growth and education have sprung up over the past month. First, I am going back to school, that school being Multnomah Biblical Seminary in Portland, OR. I'll be pursuing a Master of Divinity degree as a pioneer in their new online program. (I'm not moving to Portland; don't you fret, Red Mountain folks!) Basically, I'll be able to complete an entire MDiv degree through online courses, intensive courses at Multnomah in the winter and summer breaks, and (potentially) classes taken at Phoenix Seminary here in Arizona. It allows for me to continue in full-time ministry without having to relocate or get myself tons of school debt. (Plus, I got my undergrad at Multnomah and there's a discount for alumni.) Seminary isn't for everyone, but it's something I've been thinking and praying about for years. I'm weirdly excited to learn Greek, Hebrew, and the history of the church.

Second, I'll be participating in the Youth Ministry Coaching Program recently launched by Marko, former President of Youth Specialties and middle school ministry guru. The YMCP is a year-long coaching cohort that takes a holistic approach to personal and ministry maturity. So six times during the next year, I'll be driving out to San Diego to spend two days with the cohort of ministry leaders. It's an incredibly unique opportunity--also a pioneering venture--that I hope will refine me as a person and form some lifelong ministry friendships.

The word "educate" stems from Latin words educare and educere meaning "to bring out, bring forth" and "to lead out." I'm thanking God for these opportunities of grace. I'm eager to see how these experiences bring out new revelations, bring forth an increase in self-discipline and time management, and help me to lead out of who God has designed me to be.


  1. Wonderful opportunities for you, Joel! I can't wait to see the fruit it bears for ministry and the kingdom!

  2. I just saw Multnomah and you going there, then got all excited that you were moving back...

    Then I kept reading. Very excited for you!!!