Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Film Review Hiatus

I don't write posts about movies as much any more. Probably because I don't watch as many movies as I used to. Becoming a father has been an identity shift that has transformed all the former rhythms of life. I still love watching and contemplating films. I still love writing on and reviewing films. I just love my wife and son more.

So film writing/watching will be more sporadic on this blog than in previous seasons. Yeah, I probably will watch movies more than the average person--including those obscure artsy-fartsy ones--but I simply don't have the time or energy to write anything profound on a weekly basis. Thought it's not that I haven't been watching any good films (Being There, The African Queen) or bad films (Clash of the Titans). Thus, I direct you, blog reader, to my 2010 film journal located in the sidebar, where I record and rate every film I watch. And if I happen to review a film in the upcoming weeks and months, it'll be a nice surprise for all of us.

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