Thursday, April 8, 2010


Since Deep Impact and Armageddon were released within 8 weeks of each other in 1998, movies have been strangely coming in unoriginal pairs (or trios, or...quad...whatever).

Case in point: Three trailers I recently viewed back-to-back prior to watching the mediocre Clash of the Titans:
  1. The Expendables: A team of highly trained mercenaries fight bad guys while trying to clear their name.
  2. The A-Team: A team of highly trained mercenaries escape from prison, then fight bad guys so they can clear their name.
  3. The Losers: A team of highly trained former CIA agents-turned-mercenaries fight bad guys in order to clear their name.
There's the attractive female character to give a feminine side to all the testosterone. There's the intense African-American character. There's the crazy tech guy. There's the uber-masculine team leader with scruffy facial hair and cliche dialogue. It's the exact same movie, just different actors, directors, and producers.

I have no further thoughts or insights on this one. Just interesting to note how there's nothing new under the sun.


  1. Cool site! Great layout and good mix of text and pictures.

  2. Don't forget Predators: A team of highly trained mercenaries fight a merciless alien race while trying to clear their name. I think.

  3. Cam, totally true! Pretty sure the cast has all the same characters I mentioned too, only Adrian Brody doesn't seem to have facial hair.