Friday, July 30, 2010

Friends on Mission

Two of my best friends, Brian and Kristy Humphreys, are leaving in a few weeks for the Dominican Republic with the Peace Corps. Brian felt called to full-time overseas missions back in 2001 while we were on a high school mission trip. It's been a long time coming, but they're heading to the DR fully trusting that the Lord has great things in store for them.

My great friend, Josh Barton, is a fellow junior high pastor at Mission Community Church. He's going to Malawi to love the young people in a community Mission has partnered with:
This trip we are looking to help train some of the pastors in the area, and help equip the youth for leading the next generation into a positive direction. This is one of the side-effects of AIDS, there are ALOT of young people, and little of the older generation. We are also going to help the youth with practical training on ways to earn and maintain livings. We are going to work alongside the people in that village to bring HOPE to those who may have little, and to bring HEALING to those who are wounded.
I have to admit, I have missions/justice envy. Brian, Kristy, and Josh get to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a very life-transforming way. Yet I'm reminded that God is just as present in Dominican Republic and Malawi as he is right here in Arizona, and while my story might not involve overseas adventures anytime soon, I can still be on mission with God right here, right now.

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