Sunday, July 25, 2010

Three Years Old

The picture from my first blog post, taken the day after our wedding

While we just celebrated Copeland's first birthday and our four-year wedding anniversary, we've got one more July celebration: the three year mark for The Mayward Blog. Here are some posts to give you an idea of where I've come from for the past three years:

The First Post: The blog began as a way to keep in touch with families from my former church in Portland after I stepped away. Since then, it has evolved to film reviews and ministry musings, all while keeping close to its roots--sharing our Mayward family story.

I Forgive You, Kristy Chamberlain: Potentially my most embarrassing post. I recalled sharing with my junior high youth staff about a traumatic middle school moment and used real persons' full names. The Kristy from my anecdote actually read and commented on the post. Awkward.

My Top Youth Ministry Movies: A list of films that invite youth workers to think more deeply about adolescent culture. This post generates the most outside traffic to my blog, usually from people seemingly looking for movies to show to their youth group...which isn't the point of the post at all, but that's how Google rolls.

Monday Movie Day: The Dark Knight: For a long time, I reviewed just about every film I ever watched every Monday (click the Monday Movie Day label to read them all). My review for The Dark Knight is one of the better ones. Reading through past reviews, I'm realizing I need to write these more often. You can still check out every film I've seen this year by going to the 2010 Film Journal page.

Top 10 Films About Junior High: This post overlaps two central Mayward Blog themes: movies and youth ministry. There are some great films here you might not have seen, regardless if you minister to junior highers or not.

Doing Church vs. Being Church: A rant on the buzzword "missional" and seeing the church as an identity instead of an event. One of my favorite posts on the church.

Youth Ministry at the Margins: A call for those in youth ministry to look at both ends of adolescence (middle schoolers, college-aged) instead of just focusing on the middle (high schoolers).

What Every Youth Worker Should Know About Junior Highers: The post title pretty much explains this most recent post--a comprehensive list of how to love junior high students in the name of Jesus.

Whether you've been reading this blog from the beginning or just started a few minutes ago, thank you for reading, commenting, and encouraging!


  1. Thanks for the happy birthday, Lori, and for still reading this blog o' mine! :)