Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ministry Mashup

Confession: one of my favorite snacks is combining green apple slices with cheddar cheese. Yum.

Now, before you throw up your hands--or your lunch--in disgust, maybe you should go try some apples and cheese. It's weird, but the combination of such different textures and flavors makes for a delicious treat, in my opinion.

What if we tried to combine two seemingly disparate things in ministry and it turned out to be better than we could ever have expected?

What about a small group that brings college students and retired folks to study the life of Jesus together? How about a whole weekend retreat centered around that idea?

What about a movie night that culminated in sharing communion together? Or sharing communion while at a sports game, right in the stadium? Or sharing communion anywhere?

What about combining evangelism and discipleship by asking both Christian and pre-Christian students to serve together on a mission trip? Or have them serve together in your church's VBS?

Sometimes a mashup will only leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth. But every once in awhile, you might stumble onto something delicious. You never know until you try.

What ministry mashups have you tried--or wanted to try?


  1. Casino night for our High School students. Do you know how much money we could make... I mean "raise"! No one has given me the thumbs up yet on this one.

  2. Mike, I've actually heard of people doing poker nights to raise funds for projects in Africa to help those in poverty. Sounds good to me!