Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Minute to Win It Night

School starts up today for Mesa students, so for a back-to-school event we're having a Minute to Win It night. If you've never seen the NBC game show, it appears to be entirely designed around ridiculous youth group games. Contestants have 60 seconds to complete some sort of creative challenge (see the example video below).

The best part of this show is that they post all the information about their games online, including instructions, supplies needed, and include 30-second videos you can use to explain each challenge. It's a great resource for a wide variety of quick and simple games that will get students laughing and interacting. Plus, these aren't games that require a ton of physical prowess or a deeply competitive spirit; they're just plain fun.


  1. Joel, I did this night before with my students. LOVED IT. I would love to give you any hints as to what works, and what I might do differently.

    You guys will have a blast!

  2. We've used that show as a huge resource for new youth group game material! The kids LOVE "face the cookie" :-)

  3. Josh, give me some hints!

    Samantha, we're doing "Face the Cookie" tonight!