Monday, August 30, 2010

Seeking Rest...Again

The past few months have been a busy season. When I find myself answering the "how are you doing?" question as "stressed" or by simply sighing loudly, I know that I need to find time to rest.

I've been blogging about Sabbath rest for a while now (see here, here, and here), but it's still something I haven't mastered. I can understand my need for a Sabbath intellectually, I've attempted to schedule times of intentional rest into my routine, and I'll give plenty of lip-service to finding margin in one's life.

Yet I'm slowly realizing that I still kinda suck at it. It's one of those spiritual practices that constantly needs intentionality--it's ironic, but I have to work at resting.

So today, I'm trying something new. I'm going off the radar for 36 hours. I'll be in a cabin somewhere in northern Arizona. Without a computer. Without an iPod. Without a cell phone (kind of; communication will be for my wife alone). Without a schedule or alarm clocks or calendar reminders. Without movies or TV or the Internet. Without people. Just a notebook, a Bible, some reading material, and God.

Back on Tuesday, and back to some regular blogging (especially about Teen 2.0).

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