Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby Blogging

Our little guy came to our junior high gathering this past week. He loved seeing Daddy do his job, and finding a random tennis ball to play with didn't hurt either. He's growing up so fast. Love this kid.


  1. Aww your baby looks really, really small standing in such a place!

    Hello, I found you because I was editing my profile and I added some music I like and suddenly I clicked on "Glen Hansard and Marketa Irgolvá" and there you was! But I also read in your interests God, Jesus so I felt curious and I clicked to read your profile and I felt even more curious. What is your ministry about? Are you Christian?

  2. Lu Ann, thanks for checking out my blog, and for having great musical taste! :) Yes, I am a Christian. I'm a pastor to junior highers at a church in Arizona. On this blog, you'll find thoughts on God, church, film, and everyday life.

  3. Oh I see, Im Christian too, sounds truly interesting... but are you part of the emerging church? Because I saw something like that written in your profile.

    Sorry Im way too curious I wanted to know because Im Baptist so I just kinda want know the differences we may have in doctrine stuff. Just to be aware of it.

    Thanks by the way.