Thursday, September 9, 2010

Born Again

It's my birthday today.

I turn 26, a rather unremarkable age that puts me squarely in my late-20s. As I think about the past year of being 25, it's been a season full of new things:

My wife and I bought our first house.

It's all rather ordinary events in the big scheme of things. Yet these are moments that have shaped me at my very core, circumstances that have pushed me to grow and mature. While these events are nowhere near the sum of my past year, they are vistas on my journey, special highlighted sections in the pages of my story. In many ways, I feel as if I am a new person. Who I was a year ago was only a precursor to the person I am now, and while I am embracing my present, I eagerly anticipate the next moment God has in store for me. Insights, revelations, deep conviction and repentance, and humbly stepping out in faith have all been themes this year. I am born again, and I am thankful to the Creator who renews me daily.

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