Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fully Present

I am future-oriented. I'm always looking ahead, craning my neck to see what's coming up the road, thinking about ministry changes that need to be implemented, things I need to learn, books I need to read, movies that will come out in two months, stages my toddler son will experience, and further maturity in my marriage.

On the other hand, there are plenty who are past-oriented. They are looking back, remembering the good ol' days, thinking about what was and what could have been, when their kids were little, what their marriage used to be like, where they used to live, what ministry roles they had, or even what sins and/or successes defined their lives.

The problem with both is that they can ignore what God is doing in the present.

This doesn't mean that we become ahistorical, ignoring our past and becoming ill-prepared for our future. Instead, we live in light of our past and in hope of our future, always seeking God's presence in the present. When we are informed by the story of our past, we have a foundation upon which to be fully engaged in the present. When we hold our future with open hands, we are present to trusting in God's faithfulness.

Are you more future- or past-oriented? What--or who--do you need to be fully present to right now?

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  1. This is tough for me. I think a lot of times I'm like you and I tend to be oriented toward the future which does cause me not to live in the moment. Thanks for the thought! GOOD WORD!!