Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Abiding in God's Word

We recently did a three-week teaching series with our junior highers on abiding in God's Word. It was meant to inspire the junior highers to fall in love with Scripture, to really see the Bible as absolutely critical for their relationship with God. If we're truly followers of Jesus, then we'll abide in His word.

As part of the series, we created a video montage interviewing various pastors at our church about their habits in Scripture. It was a cool way for students to get a variety of voices all declaring their love for the Bible while also giving the pastors a bit of a challenge to communicate their thoughts on Scripture in 60 seconds or less in a junior high-accessible way. It added a creative element to the teaching, and was even inspiring to me to see how much our pastors value Scripture! They aren't the fanciest videos in the world--we just shot them using a little handheld HD camera and edited them in iMovie--but it got the point across.

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Why is the Bible important to you?

What are your Bible reading habits? (this one is a longer version than the one we showed the students)

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