Friday, November 26, 2010

Animated Films for Grown Ups

This article by Matthew Baldwin highlights some of the best animated films that transcend the category of "children's movies." His list includes some of my favorite films of all time, such as The Iron Giant and WALL-E.

Half a decade later I walked into a theater, for reasons I cannot recall, to see Princess Mononoke. It was a revelation—somehow, in my absence, animated films had gotten all grow’d up. There were no songs or dance numbers, the plot was complex and disturbing, and the running time of two hours—not to mention some shockingly violent scenes—was far from kid-friendly.

Admittedly, some of the films on his list--like Waltz With Bashir--are definitely not kid-friendly. The best kind of animated films--the best kind of films, period--can be universally accessible to any audience regardless of age or intellect. The Iron Giant is a beautiful and truth-filled film whether you're 6, 16, 26, or 106. And it's streaming on Netflix.

Basically, you need to go see The Iron Giant right now.

(ht to kottke)

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