Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Gospel According to Clean Water

This is our heart. This is what it is like before we encounter Jesus. It's unhealthy, stagnant, dirty, and if left alone, will ultimately lead to death.

This is our redeemed heart after an encounter with Jesus. It's clean, renewed, offering life and sustenance. It is defined by structure, sustainability, and purity.

Our youth group is called The Well, stemming from the passage in John 4 where Jesus offers eternal life to a spiritually-broken Samaritan woman. Nearly a year ago, we partnered with an incredible organization, Global Support Mission, to build a well for a community in Uganda. Through their Know.Think.Act. program, we connected with the community, raised the funds, and are now able to see the fruit.

My friend and junior high intern, Allison, has been traveling around Europe and Africa for the past 6 months. She intentionally went to the community where we had sent funds for the well and got to spend time with the GSM missionaries working with an orphanage in the community. We had also raised school tuition for junior high-aged students to keep pursuing their education; the above photo is Allison standing next to some of the Ugandan students in their school uniforms.

This past week, the founder of GSM, Travis Gravette, came and spoke to our students, sharing his story and offering students a picture of what God is doing in the world. It was a powerful reminder that the gospel of the kingdom holistically transforms all of who we are--spiritually, physically, emotionally, relationally, and every other kind of -lly in between. Junior high students changed an entire community's future through their financial giving, but more importantly, through the holistic power of the gospel. I think that might be what the kingdom of God is all about.

I love Know.Think.Act. for two reasons: first, they tell a compelling story that is more than just "hey, give some money to people in Africa." They have a relational approach, connecting people and empowering local leaders to break their community out of the cycle of poverty.  Second, 100% of the funds goes to the need. It's incredibly simple: you can see a need and you can meet it. Loved spending time with Travis and Brady from GSM this week, they're incredibly humble and driven guys who are making a significant difference in our world in the name of Jesus.

Go check Know.Think.Act. here.


  1. Yes...amazing stuff...amazing guys (Travis and Brady)...amazing organization. We need more of this done in the name of Jesus!


  2. Great entry! Love the real life illustration. My friends and I started Freewater. It is a responses to those who cry out for clean water. Please check out our website-

    I would love to be able to partner with you or anyone who want to respond to a cry.