Friday, December 10, 2010

The Gospel According to Troll 2

I'm not even sure how I heard about the film. Maybe through a blog post, maybe while perusing IMDB's lowest rated films. But upon seeing it, I knew that I had stumbled upon something unique, something special, something powerful.

I had witnessed the worst movie ever made: Troll 2.

Featuring terrible dialogue, horrible special effects, some of the worst acting put to screen--the best actor of the bunch was actually a dentist--and absolutely no trolls, Troll 2 manages to be the perfect terrible movie for being completely authentic. It wasn't trying to be bad. It simply is, without irony or pretension.

The recent documentary Best Worst Movie is the story of how a low-budget horror movie filmed in Utah has turned into a passionate cult following. Troll 2 doesn't have a professional marketing campaign. It isn't even all that attractive-sounding on first glance--a family goes to a backwoods town that turns out to be filled with vegetarian goblins. Yet Troll 2's followers are so deeply sold on its value that they can't help but talk about it's power in their lives. People invite their friends and family to Troll 2 screenings and gatherings to experience what they have experienced. It's a grass-roots movement that has continually spread until there are Troll 2 lovers all over the world. And when two strangers find out that they both have seen and loved Troll 2, a unifying bond has instantly formed.

I wonder if this is what the gospel of Jesus is supposed to be like--a message so personally powerful that we can't help but share it with the people around us, that we think it's so great that we need to let them know of Jesus's love as soon as possible. This grass-roots movement has been happening for the past 2000 years, and it shows no signs of stopping. If people can get this passionate about a terrible horror movie, how much more passionate should we as Christians be about pursuing Jesus and spreading His message of grace and hope to the world?

I'm probably the only pastor in America who has seen and loves Troll 2, so I'm spreading the joy. Be forewarned: it's absolutely terrible in the best possible way. You can watch the whole thing on Hulu for free, but I'd highly recommend gathering a group of friends for a late-night screening.

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