Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top 5 Youth Ministry Blogs Discovered in 2010

Let the end-of-the-year top lists continue! These are 5 of the youth ministry blogs I found sometime this past year and have proven to be beneficial. Whether they began in 2010 or not, they're sure to help you in your youth ministry development!

Slant33. A product of Barefoot Ministries, Slant 33 asks a meaningful ministry question in each "slant" to three leaders in the youth ministry and church world. The answers are usually quite disparate and unique to each leader/thinker, and it creates a cool resource for seeing multiple views on an issue.

ChurchLeaders.com. An aggregator site that pulls articles and posts from a myriad of ministry blogs has a section devoted entirely to youth ministry. If you're already reading many of the youth ministry bloggers, you won't find anything new, but it introduced me to a few new resources.

Youth Leader Stash. Created by Chad Swanzy, this is a resource blog with lots of links, videos, and ideas for games. Simple, easy to navigate, and fairly focused in content, you can submit your own ideas to the site.

Brian Berry. A fellow member of the San Diego YMCP cohort and a great ministry thinker/leader, Brian's posts are typically both humorous and enlightening, ranging from cultural observations (like why those "I Heart Boobies" bracelets are ridiculous) to reflections on the legacy of ministry. He's a guy I deeply respect and someone I'm learning a lot from.

Being Ministry. Paul Martin is part of the Nashville YMCP cohort, and the guy is quite the thinker. Intelligent posts on theology, discipleship, and culture are all just a little more poetic and philosophical than typical youth ministry blogs.

You can also check out Youth Specialties' Top 20 Youth Ministry Blogs list here.

What great blogs have you discovered this year? Share 'em in the comments!


  1. My go-to blog this year is Seth Godin's blog. I know... it's not a youth ministry blog, but it's still very relevant and always stirring (I don't know if that's really the word I want to use).


    I'm also enjoying all the content that's been constantly pumped out by the guys at the99percent.com. Once again, not YM, but I would recommend it to YM-ers (Also not a word).

    I like your blog and your style. Don't know how you read 47 books in a year. Cliffnotes?

  2. Zach, I'm a fan of Seth's blog too, and now I'll have to check out The99Percent.com. As for reading 47 books, I simply love reading. I wrote a post about it here:


  3. Wow, thanks for the encouragement Joel! I'm glad to hear you like the blog. I think we ought to talk Marko into some cross cohort interaction.

    Like you and Zach, I also love the Godin blog.