Monday, December 20, 2010

The Year in Review

The year of 2010 is nearly over, and it's been quite a year.

I've participated in the kingdom experiment, built a house in Mexico, participated in the YMCP San Diego cohort, preached in a communion service, re-learned humility, officiated a wedding, led my third junior high summer camp, had my first summer camp speaking experience, celebrated my son's first birthday, declared my ministry philosophy, started seminary, began a ministry transition to become a high school pastor, experienced the pain of having my son's life be at risk,  created a list of movies you can show at youth group, supported a well being built in Uganda and saw my friend/intern visit the final work, and experienced a number of paradigm shifts.

I've seen plenty of movies, read and digest lots of books, and learned many lessons about youth ministry and leadership. And through it all, God has been incredibly faithful and deeply gracious.

I was sharing with my junior high ministry volunteer team at our end-of-the-year Christmas party that I've learned--or rather, re-learned--two truths about God and life this year: to trust Him and to be fully present. Both require living life with an open hand, viewing every moment and relationship as a gift from a good Father who loves His children. Looking back over all the blog posts I wrote in 2010, it's been both an enriching and arduous year, filled with both trials and hope.

As Christmas approaches this week, it's a moment to reflect on the close of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. What have been some of the God-saturated themes in your past year?

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