Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back to the Spiritual Basics

From Wired.com, Jonathan Liu highlights the 5 best toys of all time. In a world where new technology seems to appear on an hourly basis, his five toys are awesomely simple: Stick, Box, String, Cardboard Tube, and Dirt.
So what can you do with Dirt? Well, it’s great for digging and piling and making piles. We’ve got a number of outdoor toys in our backyard, but my kids spend most of their time outside just playing with Dirt. Use it with Stick as a large-format ephemeral art form. (didn’t I tell you how versatile Stick was?) Dirt makes a great play surface for toy trucks and cars. Need something a little gloopier? Just add water and—presto!—you’ve got Mud!
Dirt is definitely an outdoor toy, despite your kids’ frequent attempts to bring it indoors. If they insist, you’ll probably want to get the optional accessories Broom and Dustpan. But as long as it’s kept in its proper place, Dirt can be loads of fun.
With all the flashy gadgets, fancy software, and websites promoting something new, sometimes it's refreshing to get back to the basics--the Dirt--of our spirituality: love God, love people, live the Gospel.

Perhaps the most innovative ventures stem from the more simple things in life. Perhaps Dirt and Stick and Cardboard Tube can stimulate our imaginations more than the toys of Television, XBox, and YouTube. How does this affect your family? Your youth ministry practices? Your church?

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