Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Awesome Stuff

X-Men: First Class looks like it could be quite fantastic. The last two X-Men films have been incredibly disappointing, so this could redeem the franchise.


Red Earth Trading Company is another venture from the guys who started Global Support Mission and Know.Think.Act. (See their promo video below). They sell jewelry and gifts handmade from local artisans in Uganda. And if you need a great Valentine's Day gift, they have a promotion code for 15% off: LOVE15

Red Earth Trading Co. - Promo 1 from Red Earth Trading Co. on Vimeo.


The Civil Wars' album "Barton Hollow" have been on constant play in my iTunes all week. Folksy, with beautiful harmonies and stirring lyrics. Reminds me of an American version of The Swell Season. Which is a very good thing. You can buy the album here.

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