Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kiddo Blogging

For two weekends in a row, I've been faithful to being present with my wife and son without allowing ministry distractions. You know what? Not only am I a better father and husband for it, it seems I'm a better pastor for it too. When I'm fully present with my family throughout the week--especially on my days off--it also allows me to be fully present with the people I shepherd without feeling a sense of guilt, like I'm cheating on my wife and son with my ministry.

It sounds so simple. Yet in a culture where success and busyness are synonymous, it can seem difficult to give generous amounts of time to one's family. Paradoxically, it requires discipline to really rest and be relationally available to the people you love.

Anyway, here's pictures of me and my family at the Phoenix Zoo and Freestone Railroad Park. (Click on any picture to zoom in)

 Looking at the giant tortoise
 There was a petting zoo with goats... Copeland tackled one. Both goat and toddler were unharmed and very startled.
 One of the best exhibits at Phoenix Zoo is a squirrel monkey enclosure where you're in the cage with the monkeys. This little guy got uber-close to Copeland, who loved every second of it.
 Mommy and kiddo riding the choo-choo
 Feeding ducks is difficult when the kiddo wants to eat the bread himself...
 ...but he eventually shared his snacks with the waterfowl.
 He's got a great throwing arm.

 Our neighborhood has some sweet playgrounds for toddlers and kid-like fathers.
We pretend like we're driving a truck together, honking the horn and everything. Love this kid.

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