Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Be Present at the Table

I read was reminded the other day as I read this convicting paragraph how families and the church are so similar: broken, frustrating, yet beautiful and hope-filled:
The church is a diverse family of God's people, and in our diversity lies a natural and uncomfortable tension. We don't all get along and we don't all like each other. But we don't get to choose our families. They are chosen for us.
Family can be a hurtful metaphor because not everyone had the greatest family growing up. However, I have come to believe it is the right metaphor. In a family, you don't choose to not be a son because you had a bad time at Thanksgiving. You are a son. You can't change that. You could leave, just like you could leave the church. But next Thanksgiving would be a sad experience at the table because a son has gone missing.
Relevance doesn't work in a family because families are funky. We are who we are for good and bad, and we are placed in our families by God and not by choice. In the same way, Jesus created the community of the church to be a family that comes into being by a new birth in Jesus and the miracle of our union with him. Jesus didn't create a product for us to evaluate and decide if we like it or not, but he created a family that we belong in regardless of how funky this family is. If you're not at the table, the celebration just isn't the same.
-Rick McKinley, A Kingdom Called Desire

I want to be fully present at the family table, celebrating the miracle that we're all saved by the same Jesus and all children of the same good Father.

Be present at your table. Don't go missing. Extend grace and reconciliation and find healing and hope with your kingdom family.

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