Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cracked Cups of Tea

It appears that Greg Mortenson--author of Three Cups of Tea and advocate for education in the Middle East--is...well...a liar.

It's disappointing and frustrating news, to say the least. Mortenson's story was inspiring for me, compelling me to find other ways to pursue compassionate action in our world. It was the story of an ordinary man driven by passion and values literally changing an entire culture. As it turns out, that ordinary man is just as ordinary as all of us--flawed, broken, imperfect.

This brings up a significant question in my mind: does the good someone has done get negated by their sinful behavior?

I hope not, or else we're all screwed. Why? Because we're all just as broken as Mortenson. His ongoing sins are simply on a public display at the moment. There are no perfect people, no leaders who don't have a shadow side, no pastors who aren't continually in need of being sanctified. And Jesus seems to delight in using the foolish and broken of our world to further his kingdom. Some of his primary followers were fishermen, tax collectors, prostitutes, and lepers. Broken people. Broken vessels for his grace.

Is there room for grace? I believe there is. I have to. Because I desperately need it. I pray that Mortenson takes responsibility for his actions, learns from his mistakes, and moves on. I pray that his actual work won't be tarnished from the fabrications he presented.

If we're vessels for God's love and compassion and truth, then we're broken vessels. We're cracked cups of tea that God is continually healing as we chip ourselves over and over again, leading and guiding other cracked cups to the One who heals.


  1. I love you and I love that man. Hopefully Greg will get it together and it won't do damage to the ministry he has done in the Middle East.

  2. I accidentally stumbled on your site, I have read his book, Three Cups of Tea and praised him for his work. I'm disappointed to hear the complaints about his ethics. Not that I'm Christian, but Jesus should be given a fair chance before any comments can be made against him; further research should have been done. People have adulterated with God's original words in the Bible and by those who teach religion. Jesus should be recognized by what he stood for, and not where he stands according to the false teachings. Thank you.