Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Kingdom is Here

Some of my favorite people in the world are currently on a two-week trip to Uganda, spending time in Kampala with a church body that we consider an extension of our church family. Some of these favorite people will stay longer and travel to Rwanda; one in particular will fly out to Latvia to serve as a summer intern with Josiah Venture.

I'm in Mesa, AZ. And I'm jealous.

Why? Because while they are having an international adventure for Jesus, I'm serving in the suburbs. I'm working on ministry budgets, printing off flyers, playing basketball with high school students, meeting with fellow youth pastors, and drinking a lot of Starbucks. If I'm honest, it just doesn't seem as sexy. (No offense to my fellow youth pastors).

We can get this sense of "the grass is greener" at that church, that city, that country, that continent. It's as if God was doing some amazing work over there, but seems to have forgotten abouthere. Yet the kingdom of God is here; Jesus says to not look here or there, but that the kingdom of God is in your midst. Our God isn't confined by spaces and locations, nor does He seem to favor one particular city or country or continent over another. God's reign is just as present in Uganda as in Arizona. So what is He up to right here? And do I have the eyes to see it?

God is present and active and working right where you are, right now, as you're reading this. The question is, am I willing to quit comparing the shades of green and start serving in the kingdom right here and now?

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