Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lifelong Learner

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Man, I just really resonated with this little cartoon. One of my personal values is to be a lifelong learner. I've articulated it like this:
I will be teachable, humble, curious, and ever-listening. Every situation, conversation, and person I encounter is an opportunity for growth. I'll put aside time and finances for reading, writing, thinking, and further education.
I don't ever want to "arrive" or get to the point where I feel like I'm beyond learning in any circumstance. And "learning" is surely not limited to going to school, attending conferences and workshops, or reading books. My toddler son's favorite phrase right now is "what's that?" He points at various objects or people or situations and feels the freedom to voice his queries. I love his willingness to ask, his desire to know the answer, his sense of accomplishment when he gets a response. I'm learning so much from him.

Learning means having an ever-present curiosity. What's curious in your life today?

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