Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Simple Words

They're simple to say, yet can have an eternity of impact.

I love you.

Not like in a cheesy, romantic, mushy, "I WUUVVV YEEWWWW" sort of way.

In a Jesus-y, sacrificial, compassionate, I-am-with-you-and-for-you sort of way.

I'm trying to make this a regular practice, this vulnerable revealing of my own heart and letting people know how much I truly do care for them. A quick "love ya, dude" at the end of a text message to a student; a brief hug and "love and appreciate you!" to a key leader; a "I really love y'all" to the volunteer team.

Tell your students, your volunteers, your fellow youth workers, other pastors and leaders in your church, people in your community. They might need to be reminded that they're deeply loved by you and by God.

Two cautions though: 1) only say it if you mean it, and 2) be prepared to hear it back in response.

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