Friday, July 15, 2011

5 Years

On July 15, 2006, under a white gazebo in Olympia, WA, I was married to the most beautiful woman I had ever encountered or encountered since. (Doesn't she look great in that picture? Beautiful....) Five years later, I'm more in love with her than ever.

So here's five reasons I love my wife (note: this is clearly not an exhaustive list, but five reasons among many):

1. She is always honest and values the truth. There's nothing off limits that we can't talk about; there's nothing we can't share without knowing the other will remain committed and genuinely hear what we have to say, even when it's hard. We have a marriage based around the truth. Honesty and communication is a rarity in our world, so I'm glad I found someone who truly lives it out.

2. She keeps me centered. They say opposites attract, and that's certainly the case with us. We took the Meyers-Briggs personality test once. I'm an ENFP; she is an ISTJ. I love that about us. We help bring out different sides to each other; we learn from one another and balance out the others' weak areas. We complement one another in the best way possible.

3. She is a wise and loving mother. The way she loves our son (and our future kiddos!) is a remarkable and beautiful picture of God's nurturing attributes. She is both fun and disciplined, both an authority and a servant. She's a fantastic mom, and I'm proud to be married to her.

4. She is a partner in ministry and a pursuer of God's justice. I love hearing her heart for the young women she disciples, love seeing her pour her entire heart and soul into their growth and development. I love that she disciples as a parent; our children are her primary ministry. I also love that she works for an organization that has Micah 6:8 as its mission statement, that she's actively doing her part to entire poverty and hunger in our world. She "gets" ministry, and that's an incredible blessing to find.

5. She loves Jesus and helps me love Him better. I'm a better man for knowing her, and my relationship with Christ is significantly greater for her presence. To worship, to pray, to love, to serve, and to live out the Gospel together is the best possible way to live. I see Jesus in my wife all the time, and I can only hope that she sees Him in me.

Happy anniversary, Katie! Love ya lots, beautiful.


  1. Happy Anniversary Maywards! I still remember celebrating your special day-and what a beautiful day it was!

  2. I am so glad we were there to witness those vows five years ago! Way to go! Mike Ballinger

  3. Joel, what a wonderful helpmate the Lord has given you! And blessings to you for articulating that to the world. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Ursula Fagerstrom