Thursday, July 21, 2011

YM Idea: Wayfarers and Water Bottles

I don't know what it is with youth ministry events and T-shirts, but those two things sometimes feel inseparable. The problem for me comes when my closet is filled with summer camp and missions trip T-shirts that I will never wear again, or when my conscious wonders if our middle-to-upper-class suburbanite youth really need more clothes. I want to be a good steward of resources; T-shirts might not be the best spiritual investment.

So for an upcoming camping and waterski trip with high school students, we're not doing T-shirts.

We're giving them wayfarers and water bottles.

I got the idea from two youth ministry friends, Gus and Mark. It's creative, practical, and inexpensive (our average T-Shirt cost has been around $10; the cost of sunglasses and water bottles combined is around $5.65, including have our event logo printed on the bottles). This keeps students hydrated for the weekend and provides our eyes some sun protection, both of which are quite important during Arizona summers.

What else could you do for events besides T-shirts? Share in the comments!


  1. Having done the waterbottles before, make sure you buy some that won't rust at the top. Plastic nalgebe style bottles hold up better in the long run.
    Other ideas have been flip flops (bad idea) and pillow cases for a retreat on Sabbath (good idea).