Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Red Earth Trading Company House Party

Red Earth Trading Co. - 2011 Promo from Red Earth Trading Co. on Vimeo.

Red Earth Trading Company is the creative venture from the amazing folks at Global Support Mission. They work directly with East African artisans who handcraft incredible products, such as jewelry, handbags, and crafts. From the RETCo website:

In the summer of 2010, Red Earth Trading Company was born with the vision to create a brand that was as life-changing as it is fashionable. 
Here's how we work. Everything we buy is 100% handmade. None of our products are mass produced. Each one is uniquely hand-crafted. Every item is purchased 100% Direct Trade. That means we buy all our products directly from the person who made it. No middle men. We go to their shops and houses to place orders. We see the process of how everything is made and cultivate personal relationships with every artisan. We sit down with each artisan and agree upon a fair price for every item and pay in full for every order upon completion. 

All of the money from RETCo goes directly back to support both the artisans and Global Support Mission's work, particularly through their other venture, Know.Think.Act., an online community where individuals and groups can meet practical needs. Through Know.Think.Act., our junior high group raised funds to get mosquito nets, school tuition, a rain-gathering system, and build a well in Uganda. I love KTA because it's incredibly simple and 100% of the funds goes directly to the need. (We'll do more through KTA this year for Advent Conspiracy.)

Some folks from Red Earth are coming to Arizona this week, and we're hosting a RETCo House Party this upcoming Thursday, 7:00 PM at Red Mountain Community Church. (Details here) If you're in the greater Phoenix area, come do some early Christmas shopping while supporting African artisans and a non-profit organization committed to ending poverty through compassion. And buy some stuff online at their website (it's free shipping!)

Fashionable stuff + Ending poverty + Supporting great people and a great organization = win-win-win.

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