Thursday, December 22, 2011

Awareness Test

I love The Youth Cartel. Marko and Adam are two innovative and refreshing voices in the youth ministry world. They also have been a huge personal blessing to me, and I'm proud to call them friends. If you haven't signed up for the Cartel Culture or YouTube You Can Use email blasts, you're missing out on an incredible (free!) youth ministry resource.

I've written a post for The Youth Cartel's blog. Here's an excerpt from Awareness Test:

When we’re so focused on certain tasks, people, events, numbers, etc., we can actually miss what’s most important. 
It happens all the time. 
When I’m focused on how many students attended my mid-week program, but miss the conversation the Spirit was leading me to have with that one hurting student who just needed someone to listen. 
When I’m giving more of my time and energy to planning a summer camp with my students than I am with a summer vacation for my own family. 
When I’m reading the Bible only to glean some information to teach, rather than to encounter the heart of God and refresh my own soul. 
When people constantly surround me—students, volunteers, fellow pastors and staff—but I’m navigating through life feeling fairly alone and isolated.

You can read the rest here. Watch out for what the Cartel is doing next!

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