Monday, December 12, 2011

Being The Church

I don't recall where I first saw the above video, but it really captures the tension between doing church and being church. I especially love the scene on "lead," where someone is washing another's feet. I wrote this post about doing vs. being a few years ago, and it still rings true in my soul.

If we're doing church, then church becomes an event. It is another activity in the week, a club that we participate in, a reminder on our calendar, a building where we gather and sing and learn. It could be connected to other activities in life, but that is not a necessity. Doing church means people need to look good and fit in. When I invite someone to doing church, I'm inviting them to a service on Sunday because that's where we talk about spiritual things. Church is something we do. It is action unattached to character. 
If we're being church, then church becomes an identity. It is a lifestyle, a moment-by-moment movement that we're always participating in. We gather and sing and learn and eat meals together and play sports and make music and listen to our hurting friends and serve the marginalized and clean up a park and travel to other countries because we are the church. Being church means tearing down facades of perfection and being authentic about our brokenness. When I invite someone to being church, I'm inviting them into an ongoing relationship with myself because Jesus loves them and I love Jesus. Church is something we are. It is action flowing from identity.

Are you doing or being church? How would your neighbors answer that question?

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