Friday, January 6, 2012

Enter the Story

This past Christmas Eve service, our worship and arts pastor led us in experimenting with some creative ventures. With a desire to share the whole story of Scripture, we had a combination of artwork and reading a narrative. Two awesomely creative friends, Brittany and Lora, designed four different paintings that represented four different chapters in the story: Creation, The Fall, Redemption, and Restoration. I read a script of the story written by Paeter Frandsen (you can check out Paeter's other work at his website here) as the paintings were illuminated behind me. We wanted to share the story of the Gospel and Christmas in a way that captures the beautiful truth of the Incarnation, but in a way that was fresh and understandable for people who take the Christmas message for granted.

You can see a 9-minute video of this creative endeavor here. Sadly, you can't see the incredible paintings in this video, but you can hear Paeter's awesome script.

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