Friday, January 20, 2012

Parenting Wisdom For All Ages

My ministry friend, Brian Berry, just finished a week-long blog series entitled Parenting Toddlers Into Teens You'll Love. It's both theologically-insightful and deeply practical wisdom for parents who have kids at any age.

Here are links to all five parts:

1) Protect your kids (care based), don't shelter them (fear based)
2) Teach them how to think (process based), not what to think (product based)
3) Expect them to be maturing (experience based), not to be mature (evaluation based)
4) Help them own their faith (Jesus based), not just obey your faith (rules based)
5) Let them embrace God's unique design (love based), not live my dreams (self based)

For our own kiddos, #2 and #3 have been particularly relevant for me. I want Copeland to have experiences that will force him to actually think and wonder and discover, that will foster his curiosity and a value of lifelong learning. Even at age two, he's learning how to think and respond to certain situations, and I want to guide him in that. But I also have to have realistic expectations; he's a two-year-old, after all. When I talk with him like he's a 20-year-old, then get frustrated when he doesn't respond well, who is really at fault? I'm learning to pace alongside him and lead him in the ways of Jesus and Godly masculinity, not just expect him to be grown up automatically.

If you're a parent, a pastor, or know any parents or pastors, Brian's posts are a succinct-yet-profound source of wisdom for families.

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  1. thanks for the shout out friend. with you in the trenches of parenthood and ministry