Saturday, March 17, 2012

Leaders Take the First Leap

Ever felt like this kid at the top of the hill, about to plummet towards what could be imminent disaster? The fear can be overwhelming. You stall for time, asking questions about irrelevant information and trying to muster up the courage to just go.

Leaders take the first leap.

They might not know what's waiting at the bottom, but they know what they need to do to get there. If you want to fly, you've gotta jump.

What is keeping you from taking the first leap in that relationship or endeavor? You know the one I'm talking about--it's the one that's been stirring in your soul, the one that God seems to have planted in your heart. You can stall for time, try to get more information, or plead with others to go ahead of you. That first step feels terrifying, but you know you need to do it.

(ht to kottke)

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