Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Giving Volunteer Staff a Night Out

Decorating for staff night out
Last night, I surprised our high school ministry volunteer team by giving them the night off. We began the night as usual. At the critical moment, I had all the adult leaders follow our worship leader out to their cars to go out for ice cream and fellowship, all expenses paid.

While the staff had fun together, the students took the next hour to decorate the youth room. It was Extreme Home Makeover: Youth Ministry edition. Student leaders coordinated the whole thing, having students write letters to the staff and put words of encouragement on posters. The staff came back an hour later to a crowd of cheering students and stacks of encouraging letters. It was awesome for the staff to have a night out, but it was also incredible to see the students step up and work together to bless their leaders.

Volunteers give so much and have such busy lives that having a surprise hour of fun and relaxation together can be a huge blessing. I deeply love our volunteer team, and am grateful to partner with each of them as we disciple students together. Giving the volunteers a night out might be the boost of encouragement they need!

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