Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Youth Summit - Arizona Youth Ministry Networking

A network of Arizona youth pastors have recently been conspiring about creating a broader network of Arizona youth workers. Arizona generally gets skipped over for national training events and gatherings, and many of the youth ministry pastors and volunteers around our state are in need of encouragement, equipping, and networking, all at a price we can afford.

Enter The Youth Summit:

The Youth Summit is not a product.  It is a network of youth leaders gathering together to learn from each other and grow in ministry impact.  In essence, YOU are the product.  We want to know what you know, and we desire to continually learn from those in the trenches with us.  We do not represent any one church but rather are an ever-growing network of churches who desire to impact the next generation with the gospel of Christ. 
We believe that by working together we can find support, knowledge, strategy, encouragement, and innovation beyond what we would find on our own.  And we don't have to pay a ton of money to fly to Atlanta, Chicago, or California to get those things.  Some of the most brilliant people are investing in the lives of youth at churches we have never heard of right here in AZ.  You may be one of them, and there are more like you.

We had our first gathering back in January, and I'm excited about our next one. Mark Matlock (Youth Specialties and Planet Wisdom) is joining us for a dialogue about trends in youth culture, and I know the conversations we'll have will be insightful and beneficial.

If you're a youth worker in Arizona--pastor, volunteer, parent--come join us at The Youth Summit. (You can "like" the Facebook page too.)

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