Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Technology and Millennials

I saw this infographic on Doug Fields' blog today, and had to pass it along. There are plenty of fascinating stats about millennials and their use of technology.

The Millennial Teenager
Some initial thoughts:

  • Teen interaction is nearly twice as much via text messaging (63%) as face-to-face (35%). What are the implications here for how teens view communication and community?
  • Fluency doesn't ensure critical thinking. The stat that teens tend to choose the first research topic they Googled and don't actually consider the source's expertise means that teaching students discernment--how to think over what to think--is increasingly important.
  • Is too much media bad for teens? The stats suggest a correlation between media consumption and unhealthy behaviors (low grades, getting in trouble, etc.). What is unclear is how these are related, and what types of media consumption are being considered here. Their definition of a heavy media user is 16+ hours per day.
  • The terms and age ranges in the infographic can be a bit misleading at first glance. For instance, the first set of stats is for millennials, ages 18-34 years old. This might be the age range for many youth pastors, but certainly not of teens themselves.
Media discernment must become a spiritual discipline for the millennial generation to navigate our technology-saturated culture. What practices do we need in churches and families in order to redeem our media/technology consumption?

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