Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Writing Update

I love words.

I love how they sound. I love the way they look on a page when they're put together in sentences and paragraphs and stories. The thesaurus is a dear friend of mine.

This is probably why I read and write so much. I'm beginning to realize that this is a God-given passion and gift for communication, which has developed into a few writing opportunities. Here's what I've been working on lately:

Book: I'm working on my first book publication co-authored with Mark Oestreicher. It's part of a youth ministry series of for parents of teenagers. It's titled A Parent's Guide to Understanding Sex and Dating: Moving Beyond the Birds and the Bees. It'll be conversational in tone and packed with wisdom and insights into teen sexuality. I've got another book in the works, but stay tuned for more details!

Bible: I wrote two pieces for The Way Bible, published by Tyndale. It's an NLT translation intended for teens and young adults, ages 16-30, that offers some unique and creative elements for this generation. I wrote a Lament and a This Is My Story segment, found in Amos and 2 Chronicles, respectively. You can buy The Way bible here.

Blurb: I wrote three blurbs for the Arts & Faith Top 25 Road Films. I wrote about three pilgrimage films: 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Wizard of Oz, and Up (for some reason, the blurb for Up is mistakenly attributed to Steven Greydanus, but I wrote it. Greydanus is a far better writer than I am).

You can see more of my writings here. If you would like me to write for your publication--journal, magazine, blog, etc.--contact me here!

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