Tuesday, June 12, 2012

All Ministry is Youth Ministry

"This is where youth itself becomes instructive. Theologian Jurgen Moltmann points out that what makes us 'young' is not our age. What makes youth youth is its wide-open sense of possibility, the confidence that death is not on the horizon, the exhilarating assumption that the future is wide open and filled with limitless potential. For Christians, this sense of wide-open possibility, the confidence that death poses no threat, that the future is a gift--this is Christ's promise to all Christians, not just the young ones. In other words, everyone whose future is bound to Jesus Christ is a youth. In Jesus Christ, the church is inherently youthful--because in Jesus Christ, we are unfettered by death. We are apostles of possibility, with a wide-open future in God. We are participants in the kingdom of God, world without end, not just someday, but now. In Moltmann's words, 'It is not that the future belongs to the young...the future makes us young.'"

In Christ, the horizon is wide open and unhindered by fear or death. In this sense, all ministry is youth ministry, because all true Christ-centered ministry is characterized by this hope, this limitless potential, this eager anticipation for what is next to come. 

Whether you are 6 or 16 or 60, if you know Jesus, then you are young. Those chronological ages are insignificant in light of eternity in the kingdom of God. Follow Jesus with the reckless abandonment and wide-eyed wonder of a 16-year-old.

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