Thursday, June 28, 2012

Latvia Update: Arriving in Riga

Our Riga home. (It's a church)
I'm writing this sitting in a cafe surrounded by the high school guys who all woke up incredibly early due to jet lag, not to mention that the summer sun rises in Latvia around 3:30 AM. They're tired, but in good spirits. The girls were still quiet in their room when we left, so I assume that they got much better sleep than we did.

We're in Riga, the capital city of Latvia. We walked all around the city yesterday until our feet hurt and my leg cramped up (note to self: before hiking around a European city, be sure to stretch). We had to walk to the bus depot to take some pictures for a medical booklet they require for foreigners leading at youth camps. I asked the students what they noticed and observed while walking around. The buildings are a beautiful mix of old and new, with the ancient and the modern side-by-side on the streets. The people of Latvia are more reserved, better dressed (no basketball shorts and T-Shirts in public here), and...well...people. Despite being in a completely different culture and environment on the other side of the world, we all share the imago dei. We all desire community. We all need hope. We all want to love and be loved.

Today we will have a quick orientation in the morning, then our team will split into two and head to our respective camp locations: Aizpute and Ventspils. We've prepared well and have an eagerness to serve, but we also have no idea what to expect. Pray for energy, for strength, and that the Lord would reveal Himself in and through us!

Final note: I have chosen not to shave this entire trip. I will probably end up looking disgusting, as I have extremely patchy facial hair and look like a 16-year-old. Here is the five day update, from the cafe in Riga.

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  1. Thanks for the update and the pictures! It's such a privilege to pray whenever you all come to mind which is often. Also praying for the Lancaster team. God is doing great things. Thanks for leading our kids, Joel!