Monday, June 11, 2012

Sacred Silliness

That might be my new definition of youth ministry.

The phrase popped out of my mouth when I was debriefing this past weekend's event with a youth leader. When it comes to discipling teenagers, the sacred collides with the silly in all sorts of ways. Now I'm reflecting upon this past week's Powell 2012 high school summer camp, where all sorts of sacred silliness happened.

Irreverent jokes were followed by reverent worship under the stars.

Late night discussions included confessions of sin, words of encouragement, and frantically trying to kill a moth that invaded our tent space.

Students offered sincere words of encouragement as first-time water-skiers stood up on the skis for the first time, as well as peals of laughter when that same skier face-planted into the water and came up smiling.

There was plenty of silliness and fun this past week. Waterskiing, wakeboarding, innertubing, hiking to Horseshoe Bend, a scavenger hunt throughout the town of Page, and so many shared memories and sacred moments than I can even count. There was also the sacred sharing of life and the Gospel, where the intersection of heaven and earth became clearly evident with beautiful desert vistas and soul-deep conversations.

I love my job.

Best jumping picture, ever.

Evening session at Horseshoe Bend, sunset

Lake Powell in the morning


  1. I hope in all your humbleness.. you take a minute to relect on the fact that YOU made this happen... take a bow, smile.

  2. Joel is an amazing Youth Pastor (from all I have read), but lets never forget that its God who makes things happen :)