Wednesday, July 25, 2012

5 Years Old: A Blogging Birthday

Five years ago, I decided to start a blog.

This is what I wrote on the first post:
This is the first blog posting on the Mayward Blog, which means it should have some important first things to say to whomever is reading it. For the most part, this blog is for family and friends who don't have the glorious privilege of hanging out with the Maywards every day, but still want to know what's been happening in our story. If you are reading this and do not personally know the Maywards, then hopefully you are entertained and blessed in some way by my online musings and the ongoing story of our lives. 
Enjoy the blog! I'll keep it updated frequently!
Some things haven't changed. This blog is still about the Mayward story. It's still a collection of my online musings and writings. It's still updated frequently.

Some things are new.

Like you.

When I first started writing a blog, I'm pretty sure only my wife and one or two family members bothered to read it. Somewhere along the way, a community of people who also care about film, youth ministry, and God found a connection here.

Thanks for reading, for commenting, for sharing, and for encouraging. I'm deeply humbled and honored by anyone and everyone who reads this, and hope it can continue to be a source for encouragement and engagement.

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