Friday, July 6, 2012

Latvia Update: Visiting English Camp

English class

Camp games

Yesterday I hopped into a van and rode through the Latvian countryside to go visit the English camp team. They're serving in the small town of Aizpute in the southwest corner of Latvia. Dylan Davey and a team of college students led a camp in Aizpute last summer, so we're hoping to build an ongoing relationship with the Aizpute church, forming at true church-to-church partnership.

While similar in many ways, the English camp has a very different vibe than the Fusion camp. Fusion feels like a high school camp; English feels a bit more like a middle school camp. There were about twice as many students, and the campers were a much younger average age and maturity level. Dylan and the team were in good spirits, with lots of laughter and wonderful stories of funny moments and God's redemptive work. Jenna and Clayton, the two MC's at the camp, were doing fantastic at being hilarious. Colton was leading the games alongside Lucien, a Josiah Venture intern and RMCC high school volunteer leader. There are three English classes with a variety of activities prepared by the American students. I watched a hysterical video of one class using American slang and idioms; I'm sure the Latvians appreciate knowing how to properly use "YOLO" in a sentence.

The visit felt so short, as I only had time to be present for a few hours. I hope the team felt encouraged, and know that I was blessed to see them serving alongside one another and being used by God. Their camp is one day shorter than ours, so they'll be reuniting with us in Ventspils on Saturday to attend our Fusion concert. We long to see them again, to come together and share stories of what Jesus is doing in each of us. Keep both the Fusion and English team in your prayers!

Facial Hair Update: It's long, patchy, and reddish in hue.


  1. Great update Joel. Be wild and crazy, video the concert and put it on-line

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated. So thankful as well that you got to visit them and encourage them. Looking forward to all of the stories. As I type you are probably getting ready to start your music concert. Whoo Hoo!