Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Church (and its Youth Pastor) on its Knees

photo by JMC Photos
My new church community has discerned a theme for this year:

A church on its knees.

The image connotes the dual acts of prayer and service in Christ's final moments before his arrest recorded in the Gospel of John. Christ stooped to wash the feet of His disciples, then prostrated Himself in prayer in the garden. Beyond the act itself, it is a posture of humility and surrender. To be on ones' knees is to be vulnerable, open, without pretense. It is holistic submission to the gracious authority of the Spirit.

I love it. And I hate it.

Turns out being on your knees is uncomfortable.

Try it. Seriously. Get off your seat for a minute and press your two knees to the floor.

It's painful, physically, emotionally, and socially. (Especially if you're in a public setting. Kneeling randomly in the middle of Starbucks may get a few stares.) This is why people who find themselves on their knees often--carpenters, volleyball players, rollerbladers with bad balance--have to wear knee pads.

My knees are knobby and sensitive. I feel smaller, fidgety, vulnerable. Being low to the ground offers a new perspective that I'm not sure I enjoy. I am forced to look upward.

This uncomfortable spiritual posture is the one I am striving to maintain in my heart as God guides my faith to beautiful new heights.

He has led me on a journey to a new land. Upon arrival, I am upon my knees in prayer, asking the Lord for guidance and wisdom and patience and grace.

I am learning to listen.

I am learning to trust.

Your love is teaching me how to kneel.

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