Friday, October 12, 2012

The Youth Cartel's [Unauthorized] Dictionary of Youth Ministry

I don't know Steve Case. But I think I like him. He once responded to an article I wrote for Immerse Journal and offered some light push-back on my ideas. (But then again, so did almost anyone who read the part where I wrote something like, "following Jesus can be a boring endeavor." [Which it is, sometimes.])

Steve also just wrote a little humor book for The Youth Cartel called The Youth Cartel's [Unauthorized] Dictionary of Youth Ministry. The type of humor...well, "irreverent" is the word that comes to mind.

Some of it made me grin. Some of it made me snicker. A few moments made me nearly wake up my sleeping children through my stifled guffaws.

Excerpt from the letter "J:"

Woman in the Bible who used a tent stake to nail a man's head to the ground. #buffy #camping #dating etiquette

James and John
Disciples. Brothers. Had one of those mothers who insisted on showing up to tell you how good her kids are and why they deserve special privileges. Try to tell me Jesus didn't know what you go through. Also known as the "Sons of Thunder." They must have eaten too much fish and lentils.

Disciple. (No, the other James.) Will forever be known throughout history as "No, the other James."

January Kickoff
The annual event used to lure more kids to youth group. Usually very well attended. Also when you take enough pictures to last the whole year. (Hint: don't take photos of kids in winter coats. That way you can still hang them up for the "What's Happening" bulletin board in July.)

Jesus was Jewish. Can we all agree on that? He didn't celebrate Christmas, Lent, or Halloween. And he didn't speak King James English.

I laughed. If you're in trenches of youth ministry and have a sense of humor, you probably will too. You can buy the book here.

Oh, and some shameless self-promotion: my first book will be also published through The Youth Cartel later this year. More updates on that news in the weeks to come!

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