Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Presence

That's me on the left, carrying our freshly cut Christmas tree. On the right is my son, carrying the tree he described as "just the right size for me." It's a beautiful memory, walking beside him as we begin the Christmas season.

A statement from Kara Powell on this post struck me as I read it:
I don’t want my kids’ primary image of me to be with my head down on the laptop or the cellphone.
Me neither. I want to be with my family this Christmas season.

Available. Approachable. Aware.


It's so tempting for me to check my phone or jump on my laptop or mentally tune out while my kids are playing around me. Even now, I'm typing this as my daughter crawls around my feet, pulling herself up and stretching her hands up to be held. I'm so easily distracted from what is most important.

What if we gave our friends and families presence this Christmas season? Instead of making sure we're taking an awesome Instagram photo of the moment or updating our Facebook status to let the Internet world know of our whereabouts, let's leave our phones in our pockets and purses and just be together.

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  1. We couldn't agree more, Joel! That is a great picture! We had our family adventure to the U-cut tree farm last weekend, complete with two little ones running away through the trees, one almost throwing himself into a pond, one epic meltdown, and one perfect Christmas tree! To us that's success!
    Jill and Tim