Saturday, December 1, 2012

Leading Up is here!

It's the big day.

Leading Up: Finding Influence in the Church Beyond Role and Experience is officially released.

The book itself doesn't have an acknowledgments page, so I'd like to publicly thank the people who were part of this adventure:
  • Marko and Adam McLane at The Youth Cartel, for taking a chance on a nobody-writer and their willingness to love the tribe of youth ministry. Thanks for being my friends!
  • Anne Jackson, for being a gracious editor and an encouraging voice throughout this entire process. Not a single "scared cow" in the book. :)
  • The first YMCP cohort: Brian, Patti, Danny, Zack, Luke, Steve, Glenn, and Nikki, for listening and learning and loving me as I shared my ideas and my heart. I still pray for each of you and your ministries.
  • The church families of Hinson, Red Mountain, and North Langley, who invited a young pastor to shepherd them, and in turn shaped him into a better man of God.
  • Gabe Renfro, for reading through the first draft and making me write a better story.
  • Brian Humphreys, for reading anything I write and being my faithful friend, no matter what country we live in.
  • Mark Staples, for allowing me more opportunities to lead than I deserve, and trusting me with significant ministry as a young pastor. You're my hero.
  • Katie Mayward, for loving me unconditionally and leading our family with me as we pursue Jesus together. Thanks for believing in me, and know that I believe in you.
  • Jesus, for loving me when I don't love myself (or my writing).
Who should read Leading Up? I wrote this book for church leaders in general, and for the youth ministry tribe specifically. Interns and the head of intern programs; Bible college and seminary professors teaching leadership classes; multi-staff and multi-site church teams--these would all greatly benefit from the concepts and tools in Leading Up.

Here's how you can help:

1. You can buy Leading Up at The Youth CartelSimply Youth Ministry, or Amazon.comIf you want to purchase Leading Up in Canada or in bulk (20 copies or more)contact me via email about getting a special discount! Read that again: discount.

2. Share about Leading Up. Give a book review, write a blog post, share on Twitter and Facebook. Buy two copies; read one, and give the other away to a church leader in your life. A huge help: write a positive review. Tell me the stories how Leading Up has been an encouragement or benefit to you and your ministry, I'd love to hear them! 

Church leaders: I'm with you in this. So is Jesus. Let's keep loving the bride of Christ together.

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