Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brady Daniels - Eilum Grey, Chapter 1

I'm a fan of Brady Daniels. (Literally).

My first Sunday experience at Red Mountain Community Church in Arizona was in May 2007 during a visit over Memorial Day weekend. The college group worship team was leading for the first time that morning, and a young Eric Christian Olsen lookalike belted out the U2 classic son "With or Without You" with unadulterated passion.

At a pivotal high note in the chorus, the singer's voice cracked. Ignoring all the middle-school-puburty-awkwardness that was instantly creeping into his mind, he continued to sing, and led the congregation with his fellow worship leaders for the remainder of the service.

Four months later, Brady was the worship intern in my ministry in Arizona.

Since that moment, Brady has grown not only as a musician and a worship leader; he's grown as a man passionate about the heart of God. Somewhere along the years, I became a mentor to Brady, and he allowed me the honor of walking alongside him as he matured and grew in the Lord. I'm proud to call him my friend, and eagerly anticipate what Jesus will do in and through this guy.

When people ask me what kind of music I like, I typically tell them, "great music. Period." Regardless of genre, if it's great, it's great.

Brady Daniels makes genuinely great music. He's currently in the process of finalizing the creation of two EPs that will come out this year, and he needs your help.

The first EP is a concept album, a series of stories surrounding life of fictional character Eilum Grey. I've heard Eilum's musical tales, and they're affecting and forceful. With deeply spiritual undertones and complex melodies and rhythms, this is a fairly raw and intricate album while also remaining accessible. The second album is filled with Brady's own worship songs, tunes that he has written while leading worship in Arizona for congregational worship. These songs are theologically rich while also being personal and intimate.

Brady is one of most humble musicians I know, which is partly why I get to brag on him like this. He hasn't asked for promotion, and would probably be happy continuing to play intimate concerts in his living room. Art like this needs to be shared with a wider community so that more people might be blessed and encouraged, so I'm asking you to watch the video above and click the link below and consider helping Brady with his Kickstarter campaign to make these two albums.

Click on the link below to help be a part of Brady's musical story:

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