Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mayward Blog RSS and Email Subscription Update

Mayward Blog readers: thanks for reading and commenting and sharing and supporting! It's been a busy season this past week, but I've got a few posts coming up, including a review of Monsters University and a blog series on youth ministry values.

Two of the best ways to read The Mayward Blog are changing, and you need to know what to do!

First, if you didn't know this yet, Google Reader is toast. It's getting shut down on July 1. So if you read The Mayward Blog through Google Reader using the RSS feed, here's a great post from Adam McLane on how to migrate all your blog feeds to Feedly, an awesome free RSS reader.

Second, Feedburner is essentially shutting down too. While the service is currently still working, Google really hasn't done anything with it for over a year, though Blogger still defaults to its services. So, for those who subscribe via email and the Feedburner RSS feed, don't be surprised if there are glitches or inconsistencies with Feedburner. It's still a good free option, and many alternatives to email subscriptions are paid services, which might not be your cup of tea. It might be best for email subscribers to switch to an RSS reader.

You can also connect with me on Facebook and Instagram, or email me! Love connecting with Mayward Blog readers, so feel free to leave a comment or send me a message!

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