Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Download Youth Ministry

The youth ministry blogs of Josh Griffin, Doug Fields, and Matt McGill recently combined into the uber-blog, Love God Love Students, located at their youth ministry resource website Download Youth Ministry. DYM is a pretty awesome resource, filled with teaching series, small group curriculum, graphics, admin resources, and all sorts of other great stuff. Plus, you support creative youth workers generating awesome content.

I've got one four-week teaching series on the website called Big Bible Words:  
Ever read a word in the Bible and had no clue what it meant? Christianity uses plenty of big and complex words in theology, but that doesn’t mean we can’t understand them! This four-part series for high school students looks at big words in the Bible, including: transgression, propitiation, justification, and sanctification.
You can check back here for more Mayward resources as they come! Youth worker friends: submit your own teaching series and resources. Share the wealth!

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