Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Blogging Update

I've been blogging at The Mayward Blog since July 2007, and it's been wonderful journey. This blog has chronicled two cross-country moves, the birth of two kiddos, the writing of two books, and dozens of movie reviews, youth ministry musings, and personal thoughts on culture, leadership, and God. It's been a place for me to journal my thoughts, share ideas and wisdom, and invite feedback and conversation.

My own busyness and desire to have a healthy marriage and be a great father to my kiddos has motivated me to make a few changes to my blogging habits. To be honest, I simply don't have the time or energy to write on a daily basis, at least not anything of substantial content or insight. Blogging sometimes becomes more of a burden and obligation than a joy and outlet for processing my thoughts.

Thus, instead of writing daily, I'll be writing 1-3 posts each week. I'll keep writing about youth ministry, movies, leadership, and God here at the blog. I also want to expand my writing to other mediums, like other blogs, online periodicals, and print journals and magazines. Plus, I've still got about 5 or 6 book ideas percolating in my mind and heart that will (hopefully) be publishable!

I also would love to expand my speaking and training. I absolutely love equipping and encouraging youth workers, church leaders, and students through teaching, preaching, and sharing stories. I've added a "Speaking and Training" page to my blog. You can contact me here ( if you're interested in having me speak for your church, camp, conference, or retreat.

Looking forward to this next season of ministry, speaking, writing, and pursuing Jesus. Thanks for reading and joining me on the journey!

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